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Emacs, mac OsX and latin9 (iso-8859-15)

From: Christophe Cuq
Subject: Emacs, mac OsX and latin9 (iso-8859-15)
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 13:28:46 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.1002 (Gnus v5.10.2) Emacs/21.3.50 (darwin)

Hi Happy Emacs gurus,

I could  be a happy user  of Emacs under Mac  osX 10.2.6, as  I was on
Freebsd and  Windows, but I am  unable to produce  or read iso-8859-15
with it.

I have  read the  Emacs 21 for  Mac OS  X FAQ and  could not  find any
answer in it.

I have  created a  fontset, tried all  the options in  the Option/Mule
menu, but no result.

And I need  it, as I need  to input chars which are  only available in
latin9. (Euro symbol, oediaresis...for example)

Here's my .emacs (the relevant part) :

| ;;
| ;; Paramétrage de l'environnement
| ;;
| (require 'ucs-tables)
| (unify-8859-on-encoding-mode 1)
| (unify-8859-on-decoding-mode 1)
| (setq mac-keyboard-text-encoding kTextEncodingISOLatin1)
| ;;(set-language-environment (quote UTF-8))
| ;;(set-keyboard-coding-system (quote mule-utf-8-mac))
| (create-fontset-from-fontset-spec
| "-apple-monaco-medium-r-normal--14-*-*-*-*-*-fontset-monaco,
| ascii:-apple-monaco-medium-r-normal--14-*-*-*-*-*-mac-roman,
| utf-8:-apple-monaco-medium-r-normal--14-*-*-*-*-*-mac-roman,
| latin-iso8859-1:-apple-monaco-medium-r-normal--14-*-*-*-*-*-mac-roman,
| latin-iso8859-15:-apple-monaco-medium-r-normal--14-*-*-*-*-*-mac-roman,
| ")
| (setq default-frame-alist '((width . 132) (height . 44) (font . 

Furthermore,   the  spell   checking   with  flyspell/aspell   doesn't
recognizes accentuated chars  like é and marks words  which such chars
as faultly spelled.

here is the reevant part of the .emacs :

|  '(ispell-alternate-dictionary "/sw/share/aspell")
|  '(ispell-complete-word-dict "/sw/share/aspell ")
|  '(ispell-dictionary-alist (quote ((nil "[A-Za-z]" "[^A-Za-z]" "[']" nil 
("-B") nil iso-8859-1) ("francais" "[A-Za-zÀÂÆÇÈÉÊËÎÏÔÙÛÜàâçèéêëîïôùûü]" 
"[^A-Za-zÀÂÆÇÈÉÊËÎÏÔÙÛÜàâçèéêëîïôùûü]" "[-']" t nil "~list" iso-8859-1))))
|  '(ispell-message-dictionary-alist nil)
|  '(ispell-program-name "/sw/bin/aspell")

Does anybody have a solution ??

many thanks by advance,

( Note : GNU Emacs (powerpc-apple-darwin6.6) of 2003-09-05 on
         compiled this morning with the latest CVS sources as indicated
         on the emacs for mac web page.)


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