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Re: eLisp fontlock with mmm-mode

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: eLisp fontlock with mmm-mode
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 11:02:38 -0600
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Joe Kelsey wrote:

Aside from that, support for mixed-mode buffers suffers in Emacs due
to limitations on the ability of using syntax tables for multiple
purposes in a buffer.   The design of syntax tables implies that a
single syntax table controls an entire buffer in a single style. mmm-mode attempts to get around this by "dynamically" switching syntax
tables as the point moves through various areas of a buffer.  One very
noticable side effect involves the fact that when you set up the
syntax table for a particular sub-buffer, it changes the entire buffer
view.  Until someone comes up with a way to regionalize syntax tables,
you just have to live with the "bleeding" of syntax table-based
font-locks between buffer regions.

I thought that had already been done; from the Special Properties node
of the Emacs Lisp manual:

| Properties with Special Meanings
| --------------------------------
| | Here is a table of text property names that have special built-in
| meanings.  The following sections list a few additional special property
| names that control filling and property inheritance.  All other names
| have no standard meaning, and you can use them as you like.

| `syntax-table'
|      The `syntax-table' property overrides what the syntax table says
|      about this particular character.  *Note Syntax Properties::.

Kevin Rodgers

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