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Re: Regex search and replace End Of line

From: Herb Martin
Subject: Re: Regex search and replace End Of line
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 19:23:02 GMT

> C-q is your friend:
> M-% = C-q C-j RET RET

Thanks -- I was a little uncertain about the "C-j" since this is
a Windows System and I thought it might be "C-m C-j" but
JUST the "C-j" worked fine.

Seems Emacs -- likes Perl -- on Windows does the "right thing"
with EOL.

Oddly enough I am having trouble with C-M-%  (there is special
processing on Windows for Alt which I am suspecting) -- if I
just hit, Ctrl-Alt-Shift for "%" it does nothing -- but if I hit
    Ctrl-Alt-5, hold the shifting keys (Ctrl-Alt) and add Shift-%
    it works.

Doesn't seem to matter what order I depress the shifting keys
(nor trying to depress them all simultaneously.)

There is probably a simpler method, or fix but it works for now.

Herb Martin

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