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Re: dotfile spam rmail emacs

From: kgold
Subject: Re: dotfile spam rmail emacs
Date: 26 Aug 2003 21:42:08 GMT

John Paul Wallington <address@hidden> writes:
> My mail goes through a filter before I get it, which writes lots of
> guff in the headers.  The spams have an X-Spam-Flag: YES header, so I
> just use this:
> (setq rmail-spam-definitions-alist
>       '(((from . "") (to . "") (subject . "")
>        (contents . "X-Spam-Flag: YES")
>        (action . output-and-delete))))

I was wondering how to filter on headers other than Subject, Form, and
To.  Thanks.

However, I've found that filtering on contents really slows down
RMAIL.  Since X-Spam-Flag is really a header, is there any way to tell
rmail-spam-filter that, so it doesn't have to parse the entire
contents?  Or is that a feature request?

Ken Goldman   address@hidden   914-784-7646

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