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tm (Tools for MIME) breaks history

From: James R. Van Zandt
Subject: tm (Tools for MIME) breaks history
Date: 26 Aug 2003 10:56:01 -0400

I've been using tm to create MIME attachments in rmail.  However, I've
found that it breaks history.  E.g. if I type M-x grep, then M-p to
access the history, I get this message (manually wrapped):

  next-history-element: Wrong number of arguments: (lambda (item alist) "If t
  here is a pair whose key is <ITEM>, delete it from <ALIST>.
  [tl-list.el; mol's ELIS emulating function]" (if (equal item (car (car alis
  t))) (cdr alist) (let ((pr alist) (r (cdr alist))) (catch (quote tag) (whi
  le (not (null r)) (if (equal item (car (car r))) (progn (rplacd pr (cdr r)
  ) (throw (quote tag) alist))) (setq pr r) (setq r (cdr r))) alist)))), 0
  list: Quit

I'm no elisp programmer, and don't know how to debug this.

tm requires these two lines in .emacs:

  (require 'tm-edit)
  (require 'tm-setup)

If I delete both of them, then tm no longer works but history works.

I'm using GNU emacs 21.2, and my tm sources date from 1997 (the
tm-edit.el file says "$Revision: 7.106 $").  I haven't found any newer
standalone tm (and most of the pointers Google finds are to a Japanese
site, to a directory that's no longer there).  However, tm is now
shipped with xemacs.

1) Do the xemacs tm files work with GNU emacs?
2) Is there a newer version of tm around that works with GNU emacs?
3) Otherwise, what's the "modern" way to handle MIME in rmail?

        - Jim Van Zandt

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