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NYC LOCAL: Sunday 24 August 2003 Three Jewels Free Software Workshop: Vo

From: secretary
Subject: NYC LOCAL: Sunday 24 August 2003 Three Jewels Free Software Workshop: Volunteers Meeting and Introduction to Lisp
Date: 23 Aug 2003 04:10:24 -0400

Sunday 24 August 2003 there will be a Free Software Workshop at

Three Jewels Refuge and Free Internet Cafe
211 East 5th Street
east of Third Avenue
Island of the Manahattoes

Subway: Eighth Street stop on the N, R, sometimes W, lines; Astor Place on
the 6 line; Third Avenue on the crosstown L line; Lower East Side-Second
Avenue-Houston Street on the F, V lines

Note that some of these lines may not be running right this weekend.

The Workshop will start at 3:00 pm and run until 9:00 pm.

Between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm we will organize actions to bring free software
to New York City schools and libraries and city agencies.  Such actions
require sustained serious effort.  If you want to help come to this

At 7:00 pm there will be a hands-on standard introduction to the Lisp
family of languages.  Last week Kenny Tilton, with lambent directness,
showed us great Common Lisp, alive as she is wrought by a master.  This
week we take off our shoes and walk slowly and carefully into the cool dark
forest of Scheme.

This meeting is free and open to the public.

There are certain rules which will be strictly observed:

1. No meat eating inside the Refuge.

2. No personal abuse.

Every member of every free software org, tribe, drinking club, and family,
is invited, without prejudice, without fear, and without favor.

Newcomers are particularly invited.  Come down and join us, even if you are
just starting to learn about free software.

If you bring your computer and want help installing a free OS we will help.
Bring whatever CDs, DVDs, tapes, wax cylinders, quipus, memorable stanzas,
black cubes, etc. of your favorite operating systems and software.  See
below about management of stuff you bring with you.

Please read the appended standard blurb about Install Fests before you come
down, if you hope to get stuff installed.  Note that this Workshop does not
include a full Install Fest, but we will not refuse anyone who wants help

Jonas Arnaldo and Kevin Mark and Jay Sulzberger will be available to answer
any questions we may.

In the next few weeks we will have these meetings:

1. Second part of Introduction to Common Lisp: Lisp and RoboCup,

2. Introduction to network security, special emphasis on time series
analysis and key management

3. How to buy parts and assemble a computer well suited to run a Free *n*x

We thank the Three Jewels, LXNY, and GNUbies for their generous help in
making this Fest possible, and we thank the Three Jewels for hosting this
Workshop, and Sunday Workshops to come, Sundays of Free Software in
New York City.

Jay Sulzberger <address@hidden>
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

  what="standard Install Fest blurb">

Here is general information about Install Fests:

Hardware:  Bring the boxes on which you wish to run a Free OS.

Software:  Bring whatever distribution CDs, boot and rescue disks, boot
           managers, tiny distributions, manuals, and anything else you

Important: Everything done to/with any computer at any Install Fest,
           and in particular, at this Install Fest, is done at the
           specific request of the owner of the computer.  As with
           all human endeavor, there is some risk of catastrophe.
           Back up all your data, before coming to the Fest!  In addition,
           make a list of all hardware and media you bring to the Fest,
           and check that you have all your hardware and media when you
           leave the Fest.

Useful reading:

The LDP hardware HOW-TO:

Linux pre-install checklist:

Linux post-install mini-checklist:


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