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merging on NT

From: BITMEAD, David
Subject: merging on NT
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 18:18:31 +0100

I have just installed emacs (version 20.7.1) on my NT (version 4) machine
and was hoping to be able to use the merge utility (Tools->merge->buffers)
to merge some parallel code versions. 
However, I get the following error after using the 'next diff' command 3 or
four times:
/rootmg2/nccygwin/usr/local/bin/diff3.exe: unrecognized option `--binary'
/rootmg2/nccygwin/usr/local/bin/diff3.exe: Try
`/rootmg2/nccygwin/usr/local/bin/diff3.exe --help' for more information.
The version of diff I have installed is:
F:\>diff  --version
diff - GNU diffutils version 2.7
The version of diff3 I have installed is:
F:\>diff3 --version
diff3 - GNU diffutils version 2.7
Any ideas what I should try to do to get this working?


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