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Re: How to write a major mode?

From: Lute Kamstra
Subject: Re: How to write a major mode?
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 20:24:38 +0200
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Arjan Bos <address@hidden> writes:

> Are there any pointers to documentation that show me how to program
> my own major mode? We created our own language with antlr, and of
> course we want it font-locked and indented automatically from within
> emacs.
> 1) Which functions do I need to create?
> 2) Are there any elisp docs out there that could help me with those
> function?
> 3) What is the best way to provide indenting and font-locking?

The Emacs Lisp Reference Manual has a chapter about writing major
modes.  If I recall correctly, has some
useful information as well.

> Is there a small, well documented major-mode that I can use as a
> basis?

Take a look at some of the major modes that come with Emacs.  An
example of a small mode is text-mode (lisp/textmodes/text-mode.el).


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