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elisp question

From: Mike Ballard
Subject: elisp question
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 07:37:40 GMT
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Hi - 

I don't know much about elisp but was able to piece together a little
snippet that pretty much does what I want.  And that's to determine if a
post is to Usenet and write a copy to a file.

The problem is if I post again to the same group (w/o restarting Gnus) I
get the mb msg '<file> has changed on disk - really edit the buffer?'  I'd
like to eliminate that (I can post to other groups fine so long as I don't
try more than one post to any group during a single Gnus session).

If there was some way to add code which re-reads the disk file before it's
written to a second time that (apparently) would fix it.  Or there's
probably a better way that I have no idea about.  (The "touch" is in there
in case the file doesn't already exist and I wonder if it's the problem?
I tried using file-exists-p but have sort of been going in circles
(backwards) without success).

Can someone tell me how to alter the code below either by re-reading the
disk file before it's written again or if "touch" is the problem maybe
someone could tell me how to use file-exists-p?  I think I'd still need
the "touch" (or something) for the occasions when the file does not yet

    (start-process-shell-command "foo" "bar"
        "/bin/touch" (format "/dd/Gnus/posts/%s.posts" group))
    (if (not (message-news-p))
   (format "nnfolder:../posts/%s.posts" group)))


  "Roses are red, violets are blue,
   I'm schizophrenic and so am I"

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