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Re: CTL-u for complicated commands

From: Jussi Piitulainen
Subject: Re: CTL-u for complicated commands
Date: 15 Aug 2003 15:38:47 +0300
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schaecsn writes:

> I can repeat commands via CTL-u <number> <command>. That doesn't work
> always.
> Example: I want to format each paragraph in a text with ALT-q, so what
> I would like to do is:
> CTL-u <a very big number> ALT-q <arrow-down>.
> Any ideas who this can be done?

Make a keyboard macro and then repeat that. Your macro would be `C-x (
Alt-q <arrow-down> C-x )'. Then you try it a couple of times with `C-x
e', and when it seems right, you do `C-u verybignum C-x e'.

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