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Re: M-x indent-region not working (?)

From: guanxi
Subject: Re: M-x indent-region not working (?)
Date: 11 Aug 2003 19:12:03 -0700

> It's difficult to see exactly what you're expecting indent-region to do
> in a text mode, since text doesn't have an indentation structure like
> programming languages do.  Could it be you're looking for something like
> Outline Mode?

Outline mode may accomplish what I want; I'll try it.

I'm trying to apply indent-relative to more than one line of text, to
align it with text above.

Should I submit a bug regarding the manual's confusing description? 
If so, where -- gnu.emcas.bugs?

Thank you all for all your help.  I haven't coded for over a decade,
but I'm just starting to use Emacs as a text editor and find it very


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