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Re: How to install a package?

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: Re: How to install a package?
Date: Sat, 09 Aug 2003 12:05:35 +0200
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"Jiaming Pan" <address@hidden> writes:

>     I am trying to install the w3 package to emacs under windows, I
> have copied the w3 directory wich contains the lisp files to
> ..emacs21/lisp/ , but it seems that emacs can't find them.

Aren't there installation instructions with W3?  Did you try to
follow them?

(I wonder if the instructions are clear enough.  If they aren't,
please explain what's unclear, so that the instructions can be fixed.)

> I wonder how emacs search a package.

It looks in load-path.  But this is done only for loading a file, you
have to tell Emacs that it needs to load w3 before you can use it.

Normally, one has to modify ~/.emacs or site-start.el after
installing a package, to tell Emacs to load the corresponding files.
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