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Re: scrolling

From: schaecsn
Subject: Re: scrolling
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 23:01:12 GMT
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>> 2) If I'm at the bottom of the screen and I press cursor-down then the
>> screen scrolls by several lines. Google told me to set scroll-step to
>> 1.
>> (setq scroll-step 1)
>> That works several times but then the cursor is suddenly in the middle
>> of the screen. I don't like that.
> Emacs 21 has the variable scroll-conservatively.  Use C-h v for more
> information.

Finally, after 20 versions! :)

> Does this help?

Almost :) I set it to 1. Scrolling down in a large buffer works a
couple of times but then the cursor jumps in the middle of the screen.

- Stefan

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