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Re: Command to re-read current file?

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: Command to re-read current file?
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2003 10:49:24 -0600
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bill wrote:

If the file corresponding to the current buffer changes on disk,
and I want the buffer to reflect the new version, I normally do
"C-f [RET] yes".  It bugs me to have to answer 'yes' (or even 'y')
in these cases.  Is there a command to tell Emacs, "re-read the
file from disk and don't ask me about it"?

I use find-alternate-file for this purpose, since it's bound to a
key that's easy to type (C-x C-v), provides the current visited
file name as the default, and doesn't require any confirmation.

But this is a relatively trivial issue.  A far more important
question is the following meta-question:  how could I have figured
out the answer to the previous question on my own?  I tried apropos
with various query strings, such as "re-find", "re-open", "re-visit",
and variants thereof, but they yielded nothing.  Is there a better
approach to finding the command for an Emacs functionality?

I guess you meant `C-x C-f' above, which is bound to find-file.  `C-h

C-k C-x C-f' or `C-h C-f find-file RET' take you to that section of
the manual, which includes find-alternate-file (C-x C-v).

Kevin Rodgers

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