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Re: Emacs support for Perl's debugger?

From: Martin Jost
Subject: Re: Emacs support for Perl's debugger?
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003 12:45:14 +0200

"Irving Kimura" <address@hidden> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:address@hidden
> The manpage for perldebtut says that "[Perl's debugger's] command
> line interface is tightly integrated with an emacs extension", but
> it doesn't say what this Emacs extension is, or where to find it.
> The manpage for perldebug also alludes to DB/Emacs integration,
> but is equally vague on the details.  Where can I find more
> information on Perl DB/Emacs integration?

Maybe best thing is to get and install Ilyas cperl.el.
It not only lets you start the debugger from a Menu-Entry perl/Debugger, it 
also has lots of other goodies.

It should come with newer emacsen.
If not, or if your version is dated (4.32 is current), get it from:



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