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Re: Problem with Emacs -> Windows -> printer

From: Herb Martin
Subject: Re: Problem with Emacs -> Windows -> printer
Date: Sat, 02 Aug 2003 19:47:14 GMT

> Thanks for trying, but I'm afraid I'm not in your league.  I suspect I
> am a longish lecture away from understanding either "share the
> printer" or "set Emacs to do".  A friend of mine proposes to help me
> switch over to Linux, and maybe that will do the job.

Linux is a fine operating system -- but don't expect it
to be eaiser than Windows.

In fact for beginners, part of the point of Windows is
to "hide the gory details".  Note: This can actually make
Windows more irritating for experts as they have to sift
through the obsfucation.  (Similar to the original Macintosh.)

Linux can be made easy.  Windows can be customized.
Both require effort and study.

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