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Customized font height not restored upon starting emacs

From: rcopley
Subject: Customized font height not restored upon starting emacs
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 10:13:26 +0100
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Good morning,

I have used customize-face to set the font family and height for the default face. When I begin a new emacs session, the font family I chose is displayed, but in a different size. I know ~/.emacs is being executed because my keyboard shortcuts are all still working. If I use C-x C-e to run the custom-set-face defun in ~/.emacs, the correct font-size is restored.

So I adopted the working hypothesis that emacs, X or my window manager is applying some other customization after ~/.emacs is parsed.

I've trawled through all the configuration files I could find, namely
        /usr/share/apps/kappfinder/apps/Editors/emacs.desktop, and
and removed every font-related command and every string of font settings (don't worry, I made backups). This was to no avail.

I'm running GNU Emacs, in X, and I'm using IceWM as my window manager (is that terribly gauche of me? I only started using GNU/Linux a week or so ago). The theme I'm using in IceWM is Breaker51.

Do you have a solution or suggestion?

Buster Copley

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