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Accents in Emacs 20.7.2

From: Apokrif
Subject: Accents in Emacs 20.7.2
Date: 29 Jun 2003 16:30:11 +0200


To get characters with accents (under Emacs 20.7.2), I type C-x RET k
iso-8859-1-unix (according to newsgroups archives, it should be
iso-8859-15, but it doesn't appear on my completion list). I think I
can add something in .emacs to make this automatically ? I've been
said I should upgrade my Emacs, but that's difficult as I'm not an
administrator on my machine. I already wrote
(standard-display-european t) in .emacs but that isn't sufficient.

«Ein Redner verrät oft schon zum voraus seine Absicht durch die Namen,
die er den Sachen gibt.» (Schopenhauer)

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