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Creating a menu/pop-up?

From: Mike Ballard
Subject: Creating a menu/pop-up?
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 00:38:20 GMT
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Hi -

I use a pkg called steno (sort of an expandable to-do list, each list
being a seperate text file).  There doesn't appear to be any support for a
menu/pop-up.  I'd like to see if I can either add "steno" to the menubar
or somehow create a pop-up actived by a mouse/ctl key combo with either
method showing the list of steno files I've created (they're all in one
dir).  I'd prefer a pop-up using mouse/ctl (listing my steno files).  I
contacted the author and got no reply.

I found something called user-menu.el (something like that) but am having
trouble (I only know the simplest of elisp) and don't really know if it
will work for what I want anyway.

A long time ago I figured out how to assign "edit/bookmarks:jump to
bookmarks" to a mouse/ctl combo but have no idea how now.  But I did look
in bookmark*el to see if I could figure out what to use there to create
the steno menu/pop-up I want (the same kind of pop-up I get with
"jump*book*).  I looked but there's way too much I don't understand.

Anyone have an idea or two for an elisp neophyte so that I can create a
pop-up showing my list of text files such that clicking on one of the
files runs it under steno?


  "Play an accordion, go to jail.  It's the law!"

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