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Re: define-key .. whats wrong here?

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: Re: define-key .. whats wrong here?
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 18:01:17 -0700
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Harry Putnam <address@hidden> writes:

>>From .gnus.el
>   (fset 'delall 
>      [?M ?P ?b ?B backspace ?y]) 
>    (define-key gnus-summary-mode-map "D" 'delall) 
>   (fset 'sendto_spam1 
>      [?M ?P ?b ?B ?m ?\C-a ?\C-k ?n ?n ?m ?l ?: ?s ?p ?a ?m ?1 return]) 
>   (define-key gnus-summary-mode-map "\C-ss" 'send2_spam1) 

Looked like it might just be a stupid naming error
sendto != send2

But I cleaned that up by redoing the macro renaming and reinserting
in .gnus.el.  Then a full restart.  Still pressing 
C-h k <RET>C-c s<RET> In summary mode shows that emacs doesn't know
about this keyboard definition

However C-h w sendto_spam1 is known and reports the key binding as 
C-c s.  Also M-x sendto_spam1 runs the macro.

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