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Re: Samba in Emacs?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Samba in Emacs?
Date: 25 Jun 2003 14:09:09 -0400
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> Hmm, that's what I've feared. There's still an unresolved problem
> expanding "$$", because internally `expand-file-name' is called more
> than once, and that fails for "$$". I'll ask emacs-devel what to do;

expand-file-name shouldn't do anything special for $ (or $$ for that
matter).  The only function that does something with it is
substitute-in-file-name which does env-var expansion and which is called
for filenames entered interactively (and should only be called once), so
for such filenames you have to quote every $ by using $$, so if you want
the filename `share$$', you have to enter `share$$$$'.


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