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Help for using emacs.

From: Charlie
Subject: Help for using emacs.
Date: 25 Jun 2003 10:47:06 -0700

Hi Guys, 
I used to use the emacs a lot when I was in college, and now I want to
pick it up after years. The emacs that I am using on Solaris is of
version: Xemacs 21.4(patch 9)  and these things are what I try to

1. User starts emacs and opens more than one file. What is way to
switch from one to another. The way that I am using now, which is not
the quickest way, is "Ctrl X", "Ctrl B" to show the files in the
buffer and then pick the file that I am looking for.

2. User open a huge text file, what is the easist way to go to the end
of the file, not just keep typing "Ctrl -v" or "M-x end-of-buffer",
that I have to type that many letters to make it happen. And also if I
want to remove a large chunk of it, I know that we can highlight that
chunk from the beginning to the end, then type "Ctrl K" to remove it.
How ?

3. In a file to replace a keyword, I can do either "global replace" or
"replace it one after another". Can someone tells me how to do it in
the former way ?

4. Is there a website, menu,that tells all the "TRICKY" commands of
emacs ?

5. This is very common question I guess. Right now cross all the
platforms, the most popular edit tools being used are "vi" and
"emacs". I know a little about vi, which is used more common than
emacs!? So sometimes when I was trying to edit a file in my
colleague's machine, I find myself in a situation that emacs is not
I am just wondering is there any other tools that I can use, or vi is
the only option.

thanks a lot!


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