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Coloring a command in LateX-mode?

From: Nicolas Neuss
Subject: Coloring a command in LateX-mode?
Date: 23 Jun 2003 14:30:34 +0200
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Hello, all.

I have a document which I want to write bilingual (German and English).  To
this end I have defined the following TeX/LaTeX commands:

\newif\ifgerman    \germanfalse    \germantrue

which can be used, e.g., as


Now, it would be nice if Emacs' LaTeX mode could be instructed to show the
German and English parts of the text with different colors.  I have tried
to find something with similar functionality in tex/latex-mode, but this
stuff is not easy to understand - at least for me.  Therefore, I would very
much appreciate any help from knowledgeable people.

Thank you, Nicolas.

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