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Re: commit problem with cvs mode

From: Artur Hefczyc
Subject: Re: commit problem with cvs mode
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 21:58:15 +0200
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Stefan Monnier wrote:

>> in conjunction with setting it in ~/.emacs of course. my emacs is
>> spawned from within a blackbox menu, and it doesnt pick up shell
>> variables. thats probably what happened with Arnaud as well, because cvs
>> commits seemed to work from the command line.
> Please report such brain dead setups to whoever is responsible (probably
> something like RedHat, Debian, ...).  There should be one place where
> you can set all your envvars and have them inherited everywhere.
> This place is typically ~/.bash_login or ~/.login but could be something
> else.  ~/.bashrc is obviously wrong, although it might work.
Oh, yes you are right.

At the moment I don't use RH so I can't check it to ensure however
as I remember or many boxes ".bash_profile" is read after login.
So maybe the best place is to put this variables in this file.
Or maybe on some linux distributions this is ".profile" file.

Check this, I am sure one of above should work with window managers.

Artur Hefczyc
Open Source Developer

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