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.emacs and c sharp mode problem

From: Frederick David Bowker
Subject: .emacs and c sharp mode problem
Date: 17 Jun 2003 15:29:01 +0100

I am trying to set up emacs so that i can program c# with it. although i
can use emacs for editing i am new to configuring emacs and finding it
difficult. i read the installation instructions at

i was able to use apt-get to install the packages it wanted installed
however i had to manually install csde into the usr/local directory.
All of the installation seems to have gone ok the problem starts when i
edit the .emacs file in my home directory. I added the lines the
instructions said however i get the message error: Invalid escape
charachter sequence coming up all of the time. I have read the init file
info pages in emacs and still cant get it working

Ive added an attachment with the .emacs file code and the informattio
reported when i opened with --debug-init

All help would be greatly appreciated

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