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key bindings

From: john doe
Subject: key bindings
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 21:49:37 -0700 (PDT)

Still trying to get two spaces between periods and
sentences; trying another approach now using key
bindings. I've tried the following in my dotfile:

(global-set-key "." ".  ")

But, this does not work. I get the following error in
the mode-line:

After 0 kbd macro iterations: Variable binding depth
exceeds max-specpdl-size 

This is only a problem when I use the same character
in the new string that I am trying to set globally.
That is, if I used:

(global-set-key "p" ".  ") it works fine.

Any suggestion?


>I'm in the process of writing a manuscript whose
>format is required to have two spaces between
>sentences (ie. ieter periods, exclamation marks,
>etc.).  I'm trying to lessen this task by
>the "abbrev-mode".  However, I cannot get global
>expansion to recognize spaces after, say a period. 
>this possible.  Much thanks in advance for any help
>this topic.

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