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Re: How to use the gnuserv for GNU emacs for windows?

From: Peter Lee
Subject: Re: How to use the gnuserv for GNU emacs for windows?
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 03:47:10 GMT
User-agent: Gnus/5.1002 (Gnus v5.10.2) Emacs/21.3 (windows-nt)

>>>> wangyu  writes:

    wangyu> The emacs I am using is the GNU Emacs for windows. I added
    wangyu> the following into the .emacs file to start the gnuserv:
    wangyu> ;; start gnuserv on Windows (if (or (eq window-system
    wangyu> 'w32) (eq window-system 'win32)) ;.span
    wangyu> class=compcode>Windows NT/95 (progn (require 'gnuserv)
    wangyu> (setq server-done-function 'bury-buffer gnuserv-frame (car
    wangyu> (frame-list))) (gnuserv-start) ;;; open buffer in existing
    wangyu> frame instead of creating new one...  (setq gnuserv-frame
    wangyu> (selected-frame)) (message "gnuserv started.")))

    wangyu> Then I copied the four files of gnu into the same path as
    wangyu> the emacs executable file and add the path to the
    wangyu> environment variable PATH.  Finally, I associated some
    wangyu> file extension to gnuclientw.  However, when I double
    wangyu> click the file, the emacs said: An error has occurred
    wangyu> while loading `c:/.emacs': File error: "Cannot open load
    wangyu> file", "gnuserv"

It looks like there's an error in your .emacs.  Try launching emacs
with --debug-init.

I'm not a lisp expert, but you could simplify the loading of gnuserv
by doing the following to rule out errors in your conditional
statements.  Once you've narrowed down the problem you could start
adding the conditionals back to see whats breaking.  Just a guess.

(require 'gnuserv)
(setq gnuserv-frame (selected-frame))

The above works for me.

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