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Correction re NYC LOCAL: Tuesday 10 June 2003 Lisp NYC: KennyTilton will

From: Kenny Tilton
Subject: Correction re NYC LOCAL: Tuesday 10 June 2003 Lisp NYC: KennyTilton will expound on Alan Kay\'s \"Everything is a cell.\"
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2003 20:41:23 GMT
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Given that it has heretofore been impossible to get me to shut up about Cells, this misinterpretation of the fact that I will indeed be hogging the microphone for a few moments on Tuesday is entirely understandable.

The agenda for tomorrow night in fact will be:

- kenny Tilton with a fun, preaching-to-the-choir "BL on CL, or Why Bruce Lee would have liked Common Lisp".

- Heow Eide-Goodman will speak on "Hey, Let's Get Going On Our RoboCup Entry" <title by kenny>


address@hidden wrote:
> Last month Lisp NYC learned from T. F. Burdick how Lisp is already helping
> to more rigorously check the safety of parts of OS X.  This month
> Kenny Tilton will give an introduction to the Tilton System of Cellular
> Automation.  At present TSCA cells are mostly used to automate
> human-machine IO systems, but cells implement a general communication
> discipline often critical in the management of code that might otherwise
> degenerate to a mass of spaghetti control pass-offs.
> Official Lisp NYC announcement below.
> Jay Sulzberger <address@hidden>
> Corresponding Secretary LXNY
> LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.
> <blockquote
>   from="official Lisp NYC announcement"
>   edit-level="only some header lines suppressed">
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> To: "address@hidden" <address@hidden>
> Subject: [Lisp] Meeting announcement for 10 June 2003
> It is my pleasure to announce our meeting at "Time Out" on June/10/2003 at
> 7pm.  The meeting will run for about an hour and then we will go to the
> bar.  It is down stairs.
> Here are the directions:
> The deets:
> Name: Time Out
> Location: Amsterdam between 76th and 77th, east side of street, between
> River (Vietnamese and also good food) and another bar/restaurant (name
> forgotten, also good food,drink).
> getting there:
> -- by car, 79th street exit from west side highway, down west end ave or
> broadway to 76th, turn left and one or two blocks to Amsterdam.
> -- by subway, 1-2-3-9 (the red line) to 72nd or 79th and Broadway. From
> 72nd, walk up Amsterdam (not Broadway). Amsterdam and Broadway cross at
> 72nd. From 79th, walk east one long block to Amsterdam and turn right/south.
> </blockquote>


 kenny tilton
 clinisys, inc
"Everything is a cell." -- Alan Kay

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