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Re: backward-delete-char-untabify-method

From: Sam Halliday
Subject: Re: backward-delete-char-untabify-method
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 00:16:14 +0100

Stefan Monnier wrote:
> > ok, this does not seem to be perfect just yet; it doesnt seem to
> > work in elisp mode for example, but is doing as expected in LaTeX
> > mode; especially if i keep my untabify-method=hungry.
> I suspect a "pilot error on your part".
> DEL is rebound to backward-delete-char-untabify in elisp  mode, so
> when you hit backspace, it probably doesn't run the new code at all.
> You can also call it a misfeature of elisp-mode (and C mode as well,
> IIRC).  Maybe a bug-report/feature-request about it is in order.

yes you are correct about c-mode as well; damn, i will be using that
mode. can you think of a workaround? this might also help me with my
flyspell-hogging-M-TAB problems as well, if i can work out how to force
a keybinding.

should i make the report, or will you?


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