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AUCTeX and flyspell both want M-\t

From: Sam Halliday
Subject: AUCTeX and flyspell both want M-\t
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2003 23:53:26 +0100

hi there,

i'm using GNU Emacs (cvs) and having some difficultly getting AUCTeX
( and flyspell
ell.html) to work together.

flyspell's auto correct is bound to M-TAB, but so is AUCTeX's auto
complete (TeX-complete-symbol). i would rather have the AUCTeX function
bound to this key. does anyone know how i can disable the M-TAB of
flyspell in a particular mode? i cannot seem to find an option to
disable this binding... but there are some options to change its
behaviour (e.g. flyspell-sort-corrections)

i really want to keep the AUCTeX auto complete bound to M-TAB with
on-the-fly spell checking still highlighting misspelt words, i am not
keen to change AUCTeX's M-TAB to another key sequence.

All's well that ends.

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