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varying results of sql-send-buffer

From: Andreas Zielke
Subject: varying results of sql-send-buffer
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2003 01:40:05 +0200


I'm using Emacs 20.7.1 to build a MySQL database. I wrote a series of 
queries which creates a db, tables and puts in some data (db is dropped 
in the beginning to provide a clean start for each run). This file works 
fine if used directly with mysql: mysql < file.sql

But if I send this buffer via the sql-send-buffer command to mysql in the 
interactive-buffer, the final state of the database is different almost 
each time. 

It seems as if some of the queries get lost along the way. This is 
curious, since I did some previous tasks where everything went smoothly.

The Emacs environment is set as follows: 

I could not find any clues on the web for this problem. 


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