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Re: Is emacs helpful or necessary to gcc programming?

From: Pascal Bourguignon
Subject: Re: Is emacs helpful or necessary to gcc programming?
Date: 05 Jun 2003 19:32:49 +0200
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Jimmerr <address@hidden> writes:

> If I use a different editor from emacs, what features will I be losing 
> in terms of programming with gcc?
> Thanks
> Jim

As I've already written, you  don't program with gcc, you program with
your brains, your little fingers and an editor.

So  if the  question  is what  features  you would  lose  in terms  of
compiling with  gcc your C  programs, I'd say  none at all,  go ahead,
enter your C programs with a switch panel in binary!

Otherwise you must compare the features of emacs with those of another
editor and see  which one gives more for your bucks,  that is, for the
work of your fingers and of your brains.

Do not adjust your mind, there is a fault in reality.

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