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Re: inserting date automatically

From: zbranigan
Subject: Re: inserting date automatically
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 08:25:24 GMT
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>>>>> "John" == John L Fjellstad <address@hidden> writes:

    John> Kai Großjohann wrote:
    >> I guess C-h i has more info that most people can ever read...

    John> I really don't find the info pages that useful.  I would
    John> never have known about the timestamp function unless you had
    John> mentioned it, for instance, looking through the info pages.
    John> Hopefully, when I get the Emacs book by Stallman, it will
    John> answer more of my questions.

well, you could have done something like this:

      C-h a stamp RET

gives you description like this:

    If you move the mouse over text that changes color,
    you can click mouse-2 to get more information.
    In this buffer, type RET to get full documentation.

    bbdb-timestamp-newer          M-x bbdb-timestamp-newer RET
      Command: *Display records with timestamp newer than DATE.
    bbdb-timestamp-older          M-x bbdb-timestamp-older RET
      Command: *Display records with timestamp older than DATE.
    time-stamp                    M-x time-stamp RET
      Command: Update the time stamp string in the buffer.
    time-stamp-toggle-active      M-x time-stamp-toggle-active RET
      Command: Toggle `time-stamp-active', setti  [. . .] 

then you could click mouse-2 on the 'Command:' under the 'time-stamp'
entry to get a description.

See, it's really quite simple.

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