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Re: fastest data structure for a hash-like lookup

From: lawrence mitchell
Subject: Re: fastest data structure for a hash-like lookup
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 19:57:32 +0100
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Florian von Savigny wrote:

> Hi folks,

> I need a data structure that can be accessed via a key (the keys are
> unique), which points to a value that is a list (in the general sense,
> not in the elisp sense) of three elements. [In Perl, I would implement
> this as a hash where the values are references to lists.]. It may also
> be thought of as a structure with keys that point to "a set of three
> values" each. The structure would be quite large and not be
> manipulated by the elisp program, but merely serve as a lookup table.

> I think I've read something that sounded like a vector would be the
> right thing to use (is not changed, is fast), but I haven't found any
> advice on that. Or is it an obarray? A property list? An alist? An
> array? A combination of two? And how would that look like?

Hmm, how about a hash-table :).

/----[ C-h f make-hash-table RET ]
| make-hash-table is a built-in function.
| (make-hash-table &rest KEYWORD-ARGS)
| Create and return a new hash table.
| Arguments are specified as keyword/argument pairs.  The following
| arguments are defined:
| [...]

In Emacs 21, hash tables are built in, in Emacs 20, you may need
to do (require 'cl), to get at the CL package's hash tables.


If you, in fact, do not want to use hash tables, then, for
random access, a vector might be the best idea, however, IIRC,
you can't access an element via a key with a vector.  So, you
might be better-off with an alist/plist, both of these have
linear access time.

lawrence mitchell <address@hidden>

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