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Re: xml indenting again (sgml-mode broken???)

From: Artur Hefczyc
Subject: Re: xml indenting again (sgml-mode broken???)
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 17:51:00 +0200

> I tried copying the sgml-mode.el from my old emacs installation, but it
> didn't work, either (I also byte-compiled it).
Have you ever tried xml-lite-mode?
I provides simple intending feature and a little more.
Look here for a little more description:

> What can I do now? I don't want to use psgml because of the pestering
> for DTDs.
what is wrong with psgml and DTD? Haven't you DTD for your
documents? It seems to me you still should be able to use psgml.

Artur Hefczyc
Open Source Developer

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