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Additional ELSE templates

From: Harter, Douglas
Subject: Additional ELSE templates
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 09:22:55 -0400

I discovered else-mode for Emacs a few months ago. Since then I have been
working with the author on suggestions and bugs in else-mode. Since I have
done a lot of work in the program which was the father of else-mode, I have
a batch of additional template files available for else-mode. This includes,
but is not limited to perl, fortran, cobol, bourne_shell, and c_shell. See
the below site for a complete list and others I am working on now or will be
working on in the future. They are compatible with else-mode 1.18.

I have a web site available where you can get these templates. It is If you have any comments on the
site or other questions, contact me at this address or

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