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Re: Displaying Chinese text in 20.7 vs 21.3?

From: Robin Hu
Subject: Re: Displaying Chinese text in 20.7 vs 21.3?
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 08:16:59 +0000
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>>>>> "David" == David S Goldberg <address@hidden> writes:

    David> Last week I upgraded our installation of Emacs from 20.7 to
    David> 21.3.  I'm now hearing from some of my users that the code
    David> they used to display Chinese text in 20.7 no longer works.
    David> When they run this bit of code (typically out of .emacs) they
    David> now get an error.

    Are you using mule-ucs package? You may need a patch for Emacs
    21.3. Mule-ucs is needed to viewing chinese text, only if your
    chinese text is encoded in utf-8 or utf-16. And for this instance, I
    recommend you to grab the latest emacs from cvs intead.

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is to build better mice.

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