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Re: How To Set Size Of Emacs At Startup?

From: Eladio Ventura
Subject: Re: How To Set Size Of Emacs At Startup?
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 21:12:26 +0000
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* Kevin Rodgers <address@hidden> [030602 12:04]:
> You could start emacs with the -g 83x53 command line option.
> You could call (set-frame-width (selected-frame) 83) and
> (set-frame height (selected-frame) 53) in your .emacs file.
> You could add (width . 83) and (height . 53) to the default-frame-alist 
> and/or
> initial-frame-alist variables.
> You could set the Emacs.geometry: =83x53 resource in your .Xdefaults file.

Thanks, I love the frame thing, just wasn't sure the main emacs screen
counted as one. I'll hit the manual again, but at least now I know where
to start!
"Thinking gives you wrinkles!"
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