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Bum term

From: Irving Kimura
Subject: Bum term
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 12:29:59 +0000 (UTC)
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As I reported in a different thread, when I execute "M-x term",
and try "ls" in the new terminal, after printing a fraction of the
lines in the output, Emacs becomes completely comatose.  It responds
only to an external "kill -9".

I want to isolate the source of this problem.  I find that if
instead of running term with a plain ol' "/bin/bash" argument, I
run it with "~/bare_bash", where bare_bash is a script containing
the lines

/usr/bin/env -i /bin/bash

then the problem disappears.

I tried to pinpoint the cause of the problem by adding an increasing
number of environment variables and function definitions to the
bare environment generated by bare_bash, so as to approach the
environment where the error occurs, but I have not succeded in
reproducing the error this way.  The only way I can get the error
is by running "M-x term" and accepting the default argument,

I'm stumped.  Is there a more direct way to troubleshoot the problem?
I am reluctant to report this as a bug to Emacs, because I have no
clue about the origin of the malfunction, and without this, I don't
see how the people fielding the bug report will be able to do
anything about it.



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