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Re: Buffers in Dired

From: Ed Cavazos
Subject: Re: Buffers in Dired
Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 21:43:37 GMT
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Some comments regarding dired...

Dired is good for what it is, a "directory editor". But it doesn't
feel optimal as a filesystem browser. I still bust out an xterm and
use ls/cd etc. I considered a list of things that I would want in a
filesystem browser:

        * The "-l" style output should be optional
        * Hidden files should not be shown by default
        * Do not create new buffers for each dir visited
        * Navigation commands bound to single keys
        * Modeline is menu showing available operations on file

I implemented these ideas:

After loading, do "M-x ec" to start.

 l   - Toggle -l style listing
 a   - Toggle hidden files
 n/p - Next/Previous line
 u   - Up directory
 ret - Enter directory
 g   - Jump to a directory

There are no facilities for "editing" directories, but that's just
because I was experimenting with implementing the features mentioned


Kaustuv <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi all,
>    I am using dired to navigate through the files of my home. But the
>    problem is the moment i move to a subdirectory dired creates a new
>    buffer for it. So ultimetly it turns out i have just too many buffers
>    open if i am locating a file buried deep my home directory sturcture.
>    Is there some configuration variable which shall tell it not to create 
>    all these buffers but to work only from one buffer. In short all i want
>    is JUST ONE buffer for all my navigation.
> Regards,
> K.

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