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Why my Emacs lost response sometimes????

From: Zhou Fei
Subject: Why my Emacs lost response sometimes????
Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 21:48:27 +0800
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I m new on using emacs(v21.3)

both under RH9,MS winXP, it sometime lose
response. I am not sure it is related with terms, 
I often run ansi-term, eterm,matlab-shell in emacs.

in my intuition, it seems when it reach buttom of a file,and
then it lose repose. 

when it happen under MS winXP, emacs use 99% cup time.and
kill the emacs process, then popup a dialog,say that error
with ...stdin...
any one meets  problem like this??

how can I got the reason? where is the log of emacs?

thank you

Zhou Fei

Shanghai Institute of Optics and 
Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

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         Shanghai P.R.China, 201800

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Fax: 021-59913644

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