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Re: Yanking multiple times

From: François Fleuret
Subject: Re: Yanking multiple times
Date: 29 May 2003 01:55:22 +0200
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Good evening,

Balaji Venkataraman wrote on 29 May 2003 00:27:34 MET:

> How does one yank the same line multiple times?  e.g. - do a C-a,
> C-k and then paste the same line 20 times (of course I don't want to
> hit C-y 20 times). I understand that a numeric argument to C-y, goes
> back into the kill-ring by that much, rather than repeat the
> command.

C-u 2 0 C-y

should do it. More generally, many keys can be "repeted" several times
by using the "universal argument". This is especially usefull for
macros (C-x e).


François Fleuret

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