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Re: global-set-key [? \ M-ö]

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: global-set-key [? \ M-ö]
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 18:49:53 +0300

> From: "Stefan Monnier" <>
> Newsgroups:
> Date: 28 May 2003 10:38:32 -0400
> As I said somewhere else, the use of unibyte is generally a bug.

Yes, but the bug might be a design bug.  If that is so, we cannot tell
users "please wait for a few years until we redesign the darn thing."

> In the OP's case, I'm pretty sure the problem is that Emacs does not
> properly set the keyboard coding-system.

IIRC, there's more here than meets the eye.  Binding non-ASCII keys in
a .emacs requires that (a) Emacs reads the key correctly from the init
file and converts it to the internal representation that the user
meant, and (b) that keyboard decoding produces a code that matches
what was read from the init file.  It could be a bit tricky to satisfy
both in a given language environment, since .emacs files generally
don't have coding cookies.  Also, if I'm not mistaken, non-ASCII keys
with modifiers are very hard to express unless you go unibyte.

> I don't think the manual should encourage to use workarounds (e.g. set
> the unibyte:t cookie in your .emacs) rather than real fixes (set the
> keyboard coding system properly).

Unless setting keyboard coding system doesn't always solve the
problem, that is.

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