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Is there a mode that helps enforce coding guidelines?

From: Petter Wintzell
Subject: Is there a mode that helps enforce coding guidelines?
Date: 28 May 2003 07:05:59 -0700


Is there an Emacs mode that can help a programmer follow a set of
coding guidelines and style rules? I am thinking of the simple rules
that exist in many companies and projects regarding line length,
comment style, indent style, hanging braces, variable names and what

I would like a mode that highlighted the text when I broke a
guideline. It would also be nice if the mode could help me correct the

One thing that would also be nice is if one could switch between
different rule sets, so that I can easily have one set of rules when
coding at work, one when coding at home, one when participating in a
particular open source project, etc.

Is there any such mode or functionality?


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