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Re: mode-line in emacs

From: James D
Subject: Re: mode-line in emacs
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 00:48:17 -0300
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Phillip Lord wrote:

>>>>>> "James" == James D <address@hidden> writes:
>   James> Can someone explain what those end-of-line (dos, unix, mac,
>   James> undecided) annotations in emacs mode-line mean? Let me put it
>   James> more clearly: I know LF is the separation of lines convention
>   James> for unix, CR for mac and CRLF for dos (CR=carriage return,
>   James> LF=line feed) but still it is not obvious to me what exactly
>   James> they mean and how they affect my files. I am writing a little
>   James> book using LaTeX and some of my files are marked dos, others
>   James> unix. Is the final output influenced by these options? Are
>   James> they really options? How can I change them? Please educate
>   James> me.  Thanks James D
> They reflect the current status of the file. They are not shown in the
> line endings are the default for the system (so unix does not show on
> a emacs running under unix, dos does not show on windows).
> So if some of your files show "unix" and some show "dos" you are
> presumably using a mac?

Pardon me, I should have been more precise. I am using linux --when I say
some of my files show "unix" I actually mean ":", some of them may have
been created in a windows machine, though.  
- - - 

> You probably want to find out why this is happening. Emacs will
> generally cope, but having inconsistent file endings can cause havoc
> with some applications.
> Phil

I followed the instructions by Kai Großjohann (thank you Kai) and now all my
files have the unix line-endings. I think I understand a little better now,
Thank you guys.
James D 

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