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Emacs Fortran90 mode....

From: Mika Salonoja
Subject: Emacs Fortran90 mode....
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 16:59:53 +0300

Hi there.

I'm just beginning to use Emacs on Debian Linux for Fortran 90/95 programming and I have three (hopefully) elemental questions:

1. How do I set Emacs f90 mode so, that all the indents and capitalized keywords appear automatically. Now they're available as menu options, but cannot be left permanently "on"

2. Where can I find more info about emacs f90 mode? Are there, for example, different kinds of .emacs files available which I could try to use?

3. I use emacs with KDE 3.1 and I have a roller mouse. Most Linux editors and other GUI-programs scroll up and down with the mouse roller whell, but Emacs does not. Why is that?


Mika Salonoja, CTO
phone +358-9-4366250, fax +358-9-43662523
mobile +358-40-5685088
email address@hidden
GeneOS, P.O.Box 25, FIN-00251 Helsinki

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