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Window remembering last used buffer and i-search

From: Lars Brange
Subject: Window remembering last used buffer and i-search
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 07:08:03 GMT


Is there any function or extension to emacs 21.2.1 that let each window
remember its last used buffer and last i-search string? I often have the
same buffer open in two windows and then switch to another buffer in one
of the windows. I then want to switch back to the first buffer again in
that window (ie I have the same buffer in the two windows again). The
problem is that emacs suggest the second last used buffer for *all*
emacs windows, not the one I'm currently using. This means I have to
enter the buffer name again; I don't want to do that...

Also, I would like emacs to remember the last i-search string for each
window or buffer. Now I have a global i-search string for all

Thanks in advance,

Lars Brange

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