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Re: global-set-key [?\ M-ö]

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: Re: global-set-key [?\ M-ö]
Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 07:22:40 +0200
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Martin aus Chemnitz <address@hidden> writes:

>> and was immediately placed in that section of the manual.  Given
>> this, why would one want to search the humongously large FAQ
>> instead?
> Because I did not find this particular help page.
> Because I don't know about the `i' command yet.

The FAQ should mention the i command, then.  The i command is your

> Because I thought `ö' to be an ASCII character. 
> `7-bit-ASCII' would have been more precise, I guess.

Ascii is always 7bit: it defines characters 0 through 127.  `ö' is
Latin-1 or Latin-9.

> Because I looked at the help page `Rebinding Keys in Your Init File'
> that did not mention `unibyte' at all. Not even with a link to the
> topic.

That's a good point.  I'll try to add some wording to the development
version.  Thanks for the hint.

> Because the example at the same page `[?\C-=]' worked.
> (There is a bug. `=' is considered non-ASCII, which is wrong.)

`=' is ascii, `C-=' is not.  (Note that both `a' and `C-a' are ascii!)

> Because the FAQ answers frequently asked questions.

It's been a while that I last saw this question.  It used to be more
common, I think, but for some reason it isn't asked often anymore.
Even when it was common, that meant maybe a question every couple of
months...  Hm.

> Because the description
>   10.3 Why doesn't this [terminal or window-system setup] code work
>   in my `.emacs' file, but it works just fine after Emacs starts up?
> was pretty much what I was expecting.

This line is not blank.

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