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Re: Make CVS default revision controller

From: marcuirl
Subject: Re: Make CVS default revision controller
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 10:26:42 +0200
User-agent: Emacs Gnus

Okay everybody, thanks for all the input on this. I am using the
symlink trick and understand it completely. Trust me!

But I think I/we have lost sight of the original problem now. If I
sound like I am flogging a dead horse then please pass on, I don't
want to waste anymore of your time.

Sorry if the question on the emacs connection was not clear. When I
normally do a C-x v-v in emacs to add a new file in a dir already
under CVS control it is fine. But in another non CVS dir I got asked
if I wanted to create an RCS dir. Personally, (already!) from what I
have seen of RCS I prefer CVS, mainly for the PCL-emacs interface.

This then comes back to the subject of the post I started: Make CVS
default revision controller.

I would like emacs to default to creating CVS repository instead of
RCS. So if it does/not include all files in that directory does not
matter for the moment, its the generation of a CVS repository, _not_
RCS, from within emacs in an uncontrolled directory that is! Is this
at all possible from with in emacs?

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