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Problem with asm-mode-hook

From: myrkraverk
Subject: Problem with asm-mode-hook
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 05:29:48 +0000


Anders K. writes:
 > I'm trying to change the assembler mode comment character from ; to #, 
 > so I put this at the end of ~/.emacs:
 > (defun my-asm-mode-hook ()
 >    (setq asm-comment-char ?#))
 > (add-hook 'asm-mode-hook 'my-asm-mode-hook)
 > Unfortunately, the change only takes effect starting with the second 
 > assembly file I open. Anyone know why? (I have a similar 
 > c-mode-common-hook that works perfectly.)

I've successfully customized this variable to the # char.  You may
want to try M-x customize-variable RET asm-comment-char RET.  Note,
for this to work, asm mode has to be loaded already.

Note also that asm-mode doesn't insert the # (comment char) into text
fields, i.e. quotes sucha as " " and ' '.

will do that for you, and I believe the default comment char is #, but
I don't remember that actaully.  Otherwise it's basically the same as
asm-mode.  If you don't mind any extra syntax highlight for my

Hope this helps,


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